Construction Arbitration Services

Construction Arbitration Services (CAS) is an independent, private organization that administers cost-effective, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to the real estate and construction industries. CAS and its affiliates have resolved thousands of cases annually without parties ever having to step into a courtroom.

Third Party Case Management & Administration

As a third party administrator of arbitration and mediation applications, we bring clients an experienced, highly trained, national network of qualified and trained neutrals and a customized case management system, including dedicated administrators, which results in a consistent, timely, and cost effective method for resolving their disputes.

Residential Warranty and Inspection Services

CAS provides an efficient and effective ADR application to the home warranty industry for resolving warranty disputes between homeowners, warranty companies and residential builders. Additionally, CAS offers a national network of experienced neutrals to resolve buyer-home inspector disputes.

Real Property Disclosure Services

CAS offers real estate firms and independent agents an experienced administrator to resolve residential real property disclosure disputes and loi pinel simulations. CAS provides the real estate industry with a single source for efficient and responsive resolution of buyer-seller disputes.

Residential Construction Services

CAS provides the residential construction industry a proven and experienced, independent administrator to assist in resolving construction disputes.

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